I'm now a part of a new publishing house: Mahogany Red Books

I had a lot of fun with my promo photo-shoot, who knew?

My second novel "Purple Tears" - Can the truth really set you free?

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Shocking news rips Purple to the core and sends on her a downward spiral. Everything she thought was true now is a lie. She’s lost. Her sister Gina steps in to be the voice of reason that Purple now needs. Logan, Purple’s boyfriend stays faithfully by her side, trying to help her heal. He so desperately wants her to be his wife – but now just isn’t the time and she keeps pushing the idea of marriage away because of her now complicated life. Purple throws her faith in God on the back burner. The need for sex, alcohol and her resentment toward God soothes her as she decides if she wants to find truth from the person that caused the downfall in her life.

I was nominated for the African American Literary Award for Break Out Author of the Year for my debut novel Not My Will, 2014. I am so honored by this nomination! Although I didn't win I am still honored to have been mentioned.

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Having hooked up with her boyfriend Ty the same night they met in a club, two years ago, Virtue now wants to put a hold on their sexual relationship, but she's not sure how Ty will take it. Their relationship started with sex from day one so she's unsure of how to break the news to him. Erika, Virtue's best friend from childhood, thinks Virtue is stupid for wanting to force her man to quit having sex. She warns Virtue that she may push Ty into the arms and legs of another woman. While on her self-discovery, Virtue meets Terrance, a new confidant who is everything she wishes Ty would be: a godly man for one. But she will find out that sometimes her will is not the best.