Books I've written:

Step into the world of an eight year old island girl. To climbing up mango trees and eating coconuts, the enjoyment never ends on her tiny island.

Island girl takes you on an escape to experience island life and what it is like growing up in the Caribbean. You will experience the culture and the lifestyle so authentic you would believe you're running along with Tina and her friends as they enjoy their little space in the sea, sand and sun.
In “Island Girl”, Tina is upset that her best friend Billy won’t be able to play with her today because he has to go to summer school. Tina feels she has no one else to play with because all the other kids play games she doesn’t like. But being a tomboy, Tina knows there is no way she can stay inside all day until Billy gets home later in the afternoon. So with encouragement from her mummy, Tina sought out the “other girls” to play with.

Tina will quickly learn, that even though she and the “other girls” don’t like playing the same games that they all have a lot in common which they will all teach each other.



Having hooked up with her boyfriend Ty the same night they met in a club, two years ago, Virtue now wants to put a hold on their sexual relationship, but she's not sure how Ty will take it. Their relationship started with sex from day one so she s unsure of how to break the news to him. Erika, Virtue s best friend from childhood, thinks Virtue's stupid for wanting to force her man to quit having sex. She warns Virtue that she may push Ty into the arms and legs of another woman. While on her self-discovery, Virtue meets Terrance, a new confidant who is everything she wishes Ty would be: a godly man for one. But she will find out that sometimes her will is not the best.

*Reader's Guide Included*



Can the truth really set you free?

Shocking news rips Purple to the core and sends on her a downward spiral. Everything she thought was true now is a lie. She’s lost. Her sister Gina steps in to be the voice of reason that Purple now needs. Logan, Purple’s boyfriend stays faithfully by her side, trying to help her heal. He so desperately wants her to be his wife – but now just isn’t the time and she keeps pushing the idea of marriage away because of her now complicated life. Purple throws her faith in God on the back burner. The need for sex, alcohol and her resentment toward God soothes her as she decides if she wants to find truth from the person that caused the downfall in her life.



Money can't buy him love, and trust is worth more to her than what is in his bank account.

American-Bahamian Nathan Cooper, family owns a multi-billion dollar International resort company. However Nathan had learned early on – more money equals more problems. Especially problems in relationships. The women are only looking at his dollar signs instead of wanting to truly get to know him. This here lines his major trust issue.

Riley Clark, young, career-driven, Bahamian, bank manager has concerns of her own when it comes to finding the one. She needs to have trust before she could allow her heart to fall in love. It’s a rule she stands by along with another rule to help guard her heart and mind from being hurt.

Can these two overcome their issues to allow one another completely into their lives, especially with outside forces adding fuel to the fire?



Cassandra had been in love before and if you asked her, love was pain; every day she was reminded of that with the hand she was currently dealt. She struggles to provide for the kids, working a dead-end job while going to school. Stuck in a meaningless relationship, which only involved midnight creeps into her bed, she ends things with Darius in hopes for something better in life. Just when Cassandra isn't looking for anything or anyone, that's when Marco comes along; he's handsome, a great father to his son, and a business owner. Marco's had his share of women and often juggled relationships, but upon meeting Cassandra, his desire is kindled and he has to fight against wanting anything more than just a casual thing. With each day, they both fight the obvious; they want each other. A night of forbidden passion leads them into bed together; they soon wind up going back and forth, as Cassandra begins to date Damian to distract her from the one she really wants--Marco. The attraction is strong and the chemistry is explosive--will their efforts to ignore their hearts' desire trump love, or will they finally give in to what is obviously meant to be?



The saying goes, "What’s done in the dark soon comes to light”. If it meant tearing through someone else’s happiness to claim the heart of another, would you do it?

Derek was charming, successful, and fine as wine. His wife, Angie, adored him and loved what their relationship had become. Happiness and trust wasn’t an issue; their life seemed to be perfect. However, Derek falls for temptation on a trip that was supposed to be strictly business; the very person protecting his secret is the one who wants to be his number one.

When the unthinkable is revealed, Angie is faced with ending her marriage. She finds herself having to choose between taking a chance on a new love, or fighting for what’s hers. Three hearts… One lie… Will someone else claim Derek and take the life Angie has, or will Angie fight to regain and keep what’s hers?



Grief strikes everyone differently, for Pete it struck him to the core. After his beloved wife Moriah was tragically killed in a car accident, the driver and his entire ethnicity become the target of Pete's wrath.

When Pete buried his wife, all love, compassion, empathy, joy, he ever possessed, was buried along with her. Family tries to bring him out of his grief, but his stubbornness allows it to keep a chokehold on his life.

Carlisha, the young black, orphaned woman that Moriah had welcomed into her heart and their home as a part of their family, is now a bullseye for Pete's grief. But despite his now callous attitude toward her, Carlisha still sees Pete as the man that once was a father figure in her life.

Tragedy strikes yet again, and a budding romance and a series of deceptions leave Pete questioning the target of his wrath. Soon Carlisha is forced to accept her life as an orphan yet again after the man she loves turns his back on her when she needs him the most. And love Pete never thought would resonate in his heart again blossoms in more ways than one as he fights for someone that represents the very race that he has come to hate.



All neatly wrapped in one.

He rescued me. Pulled me right out of extreme poverty and the inevitable fate of becoming a drug addict like my parents. So when he asked me to marry him, I said yes. And when he asked me to kill for him, I said yes. He's my savior, of course the answer will always be yes.

But soon I realized, he didn't rescue me from hell, he pushed me further into the depths of it. And hell is what I will have to unleash to regain my soul. To regain my life. To pull myself up from the abyss he's thrown me into.