Monday, June 12, 2017

7 Baby Steps to Financial Freedom BY: Alonzo Peters


Whether you’ve read his books, listened to his audiobooks, or attended his Financial Peace University classes, you’ll never forget the blunt, in your face financial advice of financial guru Dave Ramsey. This man pulls no punches.

In Dave’s opinion, most of us are wimps who fail to man up or women up to take control of our own financial destiny. As he explains in his book, The Total Money Makeover, “You are the problem with your money. The financial channel or some late-night infomercial gimmick aren’t your answer; you are. You are the king of your future, and I have a plan.”

His plan for your financial success is relatively simple and summed up in seven baby steps. If you are willing to make the financial sacrifices that most people aren’t willing to make, Ramsey argues, later on you’ll be able to live a financially free and secure life that most people will envy.

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