Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Parenting Multiple Children

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When I was a kid dreaming about my future I didn't factor in having three kids. Two, yes. A boy first then a girl, which I got. Then there came the third kid and let's just say it changed the dynamic of parenting for me. Being a parent is a tough job regardless if you have one kid or more. For me three made it more demanding on my time (among other things) and finding the right balance in catering to each of my kids. Throw in the fact that my third kid is six and eight years younger than my other two it sometimes feel like I'm a parent of two groups of kids. Which I guess I am. What my preteen and teen are interested in is far different than my six year old. Just figuring out which movie to watch with the three of them can be challenge at times.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Make an Impact

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"The world tends to sum up a person's impact based on the fame and fortune that he or she possesses. But God sums up a person's impact in terms of relationship, character, and obedience to Him." - Charles F. Stanley