Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Backyard Pests Control for More Enjoyable BBQs

Keep your Backyard BBQ Pest-Free
10 Steps to Reduce Pests at Outdoor Festivities this Summer

by: Pestworld.org

June marks the start of summer and for many that means increased time spent outdoors with family and friends. From hiking, biking and swimming to more leisurely afternoons spent lounging in the backyard, homeowners across the country get outside to enjoy the warm weather on weekends, holidays and vacations throughout the summer months. If your summer is filled with outdoor activities, you’re joined by 85 percent of consumers who profess their love for picnics and barbecues during the summer. Something many forget, however, is that in addition to preparing to host neighbors and friends, you’ll need to also expect to face unexpected guests in the form of summer pests like ants, flies and stinging insects.

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