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SHORT STORY - He Chose the Wrong One! - By: Khara Campbell


This definitely tested my creative writing ability, I wanted to challenge myself so I went for it. This story is different from anything I've written before and I'm curious to know what you think. 

He Chose the Wrong One!
By: Khara Campbell

            I took my time applying my makeup this morning. My eyebrows are arched perfectly. Lashes thick, curved and long. Face smooth as butter. Oh, my red lipstick. How could I forget my signature piece? I dig into my makeup bag to find my favorite ruby red shade. I apply it expertly onto my full lips. MUAH! I look good. No conceitedness here. My self-esteem is perfectly intact and I know I look great for my 30-year-old self.

            I step back and check myself out in the full length mirror in my bedroom. Today is a big day and I want to look my best. My red pants suit fits my body like it was made especially for me. I flick my wrist, checking the time. Good, I’m a little ahead of schedule.

            Before heading out of the door I grab my nude clutch off of the counter, patting it to ensure the contents were all in there.

            Twenty minutes later I pulled up to my destination, BeyoncĂ©’s Lemonade album was blasting the whole time. My six inch heels click with a rhythm as I step off of the elevator and toward the double glass doors.

            “Good morning Miss Allen, what a pleasant surprise,” Veronica the receptionist says with a fake smile on her Botox infested face. Admittedly the woman is beautiful, but the Botox made her look like her face was stuck in 1995 when she was twenty years old.

            I step towards her desk in the empty reception area. There are only three offices on this floor of Mac Financials, an Investment Banking firm. “It’s a pleasure to see you too this morning Veronica. Now haven’t we discussed numerous times about you calling me by my first name and stop being so formal?”

            “Of course Teresa. It’s a habit that hard for me to break. My apologies.”

            “Apology accepted…” I stop walking when her desk is a foot away. “…And I’m so sorry that you’ll be leaving here soon.”

            She looks at me perplexed. I slightly notice a frown on her tight face. “Leaving? What did you hear? Am I getting fired?”

            I reach into my clutch. “Yes, I’m sorry to say that your journey today will be to meet your father the Devil.” With a quick click I send a silent bullet through her head splattering the contents of her brain against the wall behind her now dead body. I watch her slump over in her chair. I did like her once. What a pity.

            I tuck my gun back into my clutch and make my way down the hall towards the other offices. KNOCK, KNOCK.

            “Come in!” A male voice calls from the other side of the door. I turn the knob and step in. “Teresa, hey, Veronica didn’t tell me we had an appointment today.” Craig states upon seeing me step into his office. He is one of my financial advisors. As the owner of a multi-million-dollar real estate company, I hired Mac Financials to help me invest wisely. Things had been going well for five years – or so I thought.

            “Oh, she must have forgotten. But I didn’t come to stay long. I just wanted to stop in for a quick chat.” I knew that on Wednesdays only He, Veronica and Marshall were in the office. It was a schedule they’d kept for years, so my timing so far today is perfect.

            I watch Craig mind-sex me as I walk toward one of the vacant guest chairs in his office. He’d never blatantly came on to me, but the way his eyes traveled all over my body whenever I was in his presence let me know that if I were to offer – he’d be more than willing to participate. Thankfully I wasn’t. Not that he wasn’t a catch – the brother was all kinds of fine. But I am dipping in the vanilla pool at the moment so he doesn’t have a chance.

            “What can I help you with this morning,” he asks before licking his lips. That act makes me want to have a little fun of my own. Instead of taking the visitor’s seat, I sit seductively on the edge of his desk. The move makes his eyes widen with surprise. I smile mischievously.

            “You know, I always had a thing for you Craig.” I cross my legs, watching as his eyes follow the movement. “But you never made a move, so I figured you just wanted to keep things professional.”

            He clears his throat. “I try to always keep my personal and business life separate. But…”

            “If I were to kiss you right now you wouldn’t object?” I cut him off. I get up off of the desk and move toward him, leaning over so my arms are caging him in as I hold onto the arms of his chair. I see his Adam’s apple bulge. I lean toward his right ear, licking it. “Would you stop me Craig if I kiss you?”

            He boldly moves his hands to grip my hips, moving to my behind, palming it firmly. “No.” He says in a whisper.

            “You wouldn’t mind mixing business with pleasure…” I reach my hand up on his desk. “…Like you took pleasure in screwing me over by making bad investments with my money?” I grip the end of his letter opener and forcefully stab him in the side of his neck. Blood spills on my hand instantly.

            He pushes me away as he gargles his own blood. I watch it foaming out of his mouth. His eyes widen in shock. He jumps up and charges toward me. “You think I was going to sit by and let you ruin me. Pretend like I don’t know what is going on? How could you possibly think I wouldn’t find out?” I ask. But he can’t speak. I step out of his reach as he keeps coming toward me. Tired of this, I finish him the same way I did Veronica. He staggers back, falls to his knees, then stumbles forward to his death. Blood stains the carpet. I think of the mess the cleaners would have to clean up later.

            I flick my wrist for the time. Still ahead of schedule. I put my hot gun back into my clutch and exit the office, closing the door behind me. My heels continue their rhythm down the hallway to my next destination. I turn the door knob to the next office and step in, closing it behind me.

            “Hey babe, I didn’t know you were stopping by today,” Marshall says looking up from his computer to greet me. He gets up from his chair, taking his glasses off at the same time and resting them on the desk. He only needs them for reading and when he’s working on the computer. I watch him as he makes his way toward me still standing by the door.

            He and I have been together for four of the five years he’s been my financial advisor, which is another reason anything with Craig and I would’ve gone nowhere. I am already taken. And like Craig I don’t like mixing business with pleasure – but Marshall is that special kind of white chocolate that I just couldn’t resist. I’d never dated a white guy before him, so it took him a year to warm me up to the idea of us being together. I’d been happy ever since…

            “You know I love surprising you.” I step into his open arms. Being in his embrace always brings me such comfort and joy. I’ve never loved a man as much as I love Marshall. And as long as we’ve been together, I keep hoping that any day now he would pop the question. Four years of dating, I thought we would’ve been married or at least engaged by now. But I now know why we’re not. I welcome his lips on my mines as he kisses me passionately. Even though I’m battling a rage in my heart and mind at the moment, something about this man always makes me a little weak.

            He pushes me gently against the door, I hear him clicking it lock. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve had sex in his office. And how many times we’ve almost gotten caught. But sex is the very last thing on my mind at the moment. I bite him hard on his tongue. Hard enough for him to know that it’s not a tease. My hands grip tightly onto his straight dark hair. I used to love running my fingers through his mane – now all I want to do is pluck them out one by painfully one. I grin at the thought.

            “So this isn’t a pleasure visit?” He inquires, not fully getting the hint because he’s now nibbling on my neck. I fight the vomit that wants to explode from my gut. His touch on me now makes me want to recoil.

            I push him back playfully. I need to stay in the game before I prematurely deposit bullets into his flesh before I get the answers I seek. “Not now sweetheart. Your colleagues are in the office, and I have to be leaving soon.”

            He pouts, which I used to find sexy. I fight my eye roll. “I definitely expect for us to make up for this tonight.” He walks back to his desk. “So what do I owe the pleasure of your visit?” He sits.

“Actually I came to congratulate you.” I fix my disheveled clothing then make my way to sit in one of the visitor chairs in front of his large desk.

“Congratulate me on what?”

“On your wedding.” I watch the blood drain from his face. “The Mrs. is very beautiful, nice choice. I guess my American blood wasn’t good enough for you so you had to get a Bahamian bride.”

He stammers, “H..h, how did you find out?” I’m rather impressed that he doesn’t try to deny it.

“Oh, I have my ways. Your frequent trips to the Bahamas did leave me a bit suspicious. But imagine my surprise when a girlfriend of mine on the island posted on Facebook a picture of her co-worker getting married, to none other than the man I’ve been in a relationship with for four years. Damn social media – right?”

“Teresa, it’s… I was planning to tell you soon…”

I tilt my head to the side, unfazed by his words. “Were you also planning to tell me that you’d squandered all of my fortune?  Spent most of it on you and your bride, and made bad investments with the rest? That you, Veronica and Craig used my money to fatten your pockets, live lavishly on my dime, then to top it all off you marry another woman two weeks ago?”

He stands to his feet, as if the elevation would help in him pleading his case. “The market is bad Teresa, I haven’t said anything because I’ve been hoping it would get better soon and you could make your money back –”

“Don’t! Don’t you dare try to insult my intelligence Marshall. This was your plan from the beginning. You saw me as a pot of gold and I fell for your lucky charms BS!”

“I love you Teresa, I NEVER meant to hurt you.” Is he shedding” a tear? Maybe he should’ve became an actor instead of robbing people of their hard earned money.

 “Sit down Marshall!” I demand in quiet authority. I’m a second away from putting him out of his misery if he doesn’t sit. Talk about testing my patience.

He sits. “I can get a divorce, and you and me can work things out. That marriage wasn’t meant to be anyway.”

“Aww, you would do that for me?”

“Anything Teresa. If you want me to divorce my wife I will. She hasn’t even moved to the states yet.”

I shake my head. How did I fall for this for four years? What hurt me the most about this whole thing is the fact that I was had. I was completely clueless. I am pretty much penniless. The debt I have for all of my businesses and personal, the cash I do have left is nothing in comparison to the debt. I trusted Marshall to make the right investments. Then after we got involved I allowed him to handle reconciling and checking my books. Until I started noticing late payments for my mortgages, lease payments, some employees complained about their checks bouncing, among other things, that started my own investigation into the matter.

When I found out that Marshall and his staff were robbing me blind I was livid. It took every willpower I had not to go off on them sooner. Then I saw the post from my friend in the Bahamas. That cemented my mission for revenge. Talking it out and going to court just wasn’t going to do. I’m sure I’ve past the level of sanity.

“Do me a favor Marshall.”

“Anything, what is it?”

“Tell Veronica and Craig hi for me when you meet them in hell!” POW. I ended it – him.

“AAAAHHHHHHHH,” A deafening scream grabs my attention. My time is up. Someone must have just discovered Veronica’s corpse.

I pull out my cellphone to take a selfie and post my last picture to social media before I’m carted off to jail. Selfie posted with caption – He chose the wrong one!


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  1. Wow! It held my attention and the plot was enjoyable. A good drama short story. Great job!

  2. Wow! It held my attention and the plot was enjoyable. A good drama short story. Great job!

  3. Yessss that was everything������ they got dealt with lol

  4. I liked it, but am beginning to wonder about what all goes on in that mind of yours?! Just to be safe, I don't think I will make you mad anytime soon!

  5. wow×10.... fast with a explosion ending for more!!

  6. wow×10.... fast with a explosion ending for more!!

  7. That was awesome!!! Wow you have such a great imagination!!!!

  8. DAM I was right into that!!! Where is the rest!!??

  9. DAM I was right into that!!! Where is the rest!!??

    1. It was just a short read Terez. I'm happy you enjoyed it.

  10. That was a great story! A lot of intensity, I started wishing she'd get away...oh well. Thanks for that unexpected drama!

    1. Hi, I'm so happy you enjoyed it. Thank you!