Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Upcoming novel release - Color of Deception

I finished this novel last year and I am happy to announce that it will be releasing May 24th. I haven't started writing a new novel for this year yet, although I've outlined two that I want to write. One a murder mystery and a Christian fiction. But first I want to tackle another project, so with that being said, this upcoming novel release may be my last for this year. 

What do you think of the cover? Whew! When I tell you that took some work - I'm not exaggerating! I was beginning to think I wouldn't get this cover finalized, but I'm happy with the outcome.

Color of Deception is a little different from my previous novels. It has some mystery, drama, romance, and elements of faith. It touches on several aspects of life - racism, death, orphan, deception, and more. So I'm anxious to know what you think.

It is available for PREORDER on Amazon now. Click here


Grief strikes everyone differently, for Pete it struck him to the core. After his beloved wife Moriah was tragically killed in a car accident, the driver and his entire ethnicity become the target of Pete's wrath.

When Pete buried his wife, all love, compassion, empathy, joy, he ever possessed, was buried along with her. Family tries to bring him out of his grief, but his stubbornness allows it to keep a chokehold on his life.

Carlisha, the young black, orphaned woman that Moriah had welcomed into her heart and their home as a part of their family, is now a bullseye for Pete's grief. But despite his now callous attitude toward her, Carlisha still sees Pete as the man that once was a father figure in her life.

Tragedy strikes yet again, and a budding romance and a series of deceptions leave Pete questioning the target of his wrath. Soon Carlisha is forced to accept her life as an orphan yet again after the man she loves turns his back on her when she needs him the most. And love Pete never thought would resonate in his heart again blossoms in more ways than one as he fights for someone that represents the very race that he has come to hate.

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