Friday, May 13, 2016

SHORT STORY - Finding Mrs. Right - by Khara Campbell

Finding Mrs. Right

Written by: Khara Campbell

“You must be gay!” Shalene exclaimed from her spot in the seat directly across from me.

I huffed a breath and placed my wine glass down on the table. Her fake nails tapping on the table was already grating on my nerves. To each their own, but women were and always will be my flavor of choice. “I can assure you that I’m not.” I glanced up and noticed our waitress walking toward us with our bread for the table. Since we’ve arrived here ten minutes ago, our waitress Michaela, had more of my interest than my date Shalene. This was my second date with her and already I was regretting it. I thought the first one a week ago went bad because I was tired and cranky from working all day and figured maybe that contributed to the bad first date, so I agreed for another. But I’m beginning to think it wasn’t so much because I was tired the first time, it was just her.

“So does that mean you’re going to have sex with me tonight?” She raised her perfectly arched brow testing me. “Because, Drew, I know I’m just the woman you’ve been holding out for.”

I probably should’ve been surprised by her forwardness, but I wasn’t. Not by the least. I got this type of response a lot when I tell women that I’d taken a vow of celibacy. For some reason they took it as a turn on or challenge of some sort.

Our waitress Michaela gasped at Shalene’s response as she placed our basket of bread on the center of the table. She cleared her throat. “Are you both ready for me to take your orders?”

We’d asked her to give us a few minutes to decide after she’d taken then placed our drink orders. I looked up at Michaela, her big brown eyes were very captivating and her whole essence had taken me captive the moment she introduced herself as our waitress. It was strange, very strange. She was just doing her job, yet, there was something about her, something drawing me in, something I’d never felt before.

“Maybe you should get some sushi,” Shalene stated, not in the least subtle. She batted her fake eyelashes at me, completely ignoring or not caring that there was another person present at our table. To say I was turned off would be an understatement. Even before my vow of celibacy, brazen women like her never interested me. I was ready to call the date off, but the gentleman in me wouldn’t let me do it. Darn, good home training.

Michaela cleared her throat. I wonder if she was as uncomfortable as I was.

“I will have the salmon, wild rice and vegetables.” I usually let my date order first, but I was ready for this night to be over.

Getting the hint, Shalene placed her order then Michaela scurried away to place it. I looked at her retreating back longingly.

“Are you a pastor or something?” Shalene drew my attention back to her perfectly made up face. She was a gorgeous woman, well at least from what I could tell with her makeup on. And any man with eyes would appreciate her curvaceous body. A buddy of mine swore up and down that he had the perfect woman for me. He’d been bugging me for weeks to go out with his cousin who had just moved into town. Looking at her sitting across from me, I wished I’d declined.

“No I’m not a pastor.” As if only men of the cloth were to try and uphold Christian values. I didn’t begin my vow of celibacy because of my faith. I did it at first because I wanted to test my willpower. Plus, after having too many pregnancy scares and a couple STD scares, I was ready to find the last woman I wanted to have sex with. My wife. I’m done hopping from sack to sack. And I’d found that abstaining helped with weeding out the good from the bad. So far there only had been bad. One may think that I would’ve found a woman by now that accepted my step of faith, and shared in my values. Women talk all the time about wanting a good man. But no, for the past year, women like Shalene were all I was confronted with.

She stared back at me dumbfounded. “But you’re too scrumptious to not let anyone get a taste.” She actually had a pout on her face.

I chuckled.

“Oh damn! And you got dimples too,” she swooned.

“Yes I have dimples.” Deep ones on both cheeks.

“Wait!” She looked around the restaurant as if she was trying to find someone. “You’re married aren’t you? You’re just testing me out to see if I would be down to being your sidechick?”

Wait, what? That was a first. She wiped the smile right off of my face with that remark.

She didn’t wait for my response. “For you, I would play any position you want me to. Hell I can be sidechick number 100 and I’ll still be cool with that, as long as I can get a taste of your hot chocolate.” She licked her lips.

I was disgusted.

Nope, I’m not like some guys that find what she said attractive, and would jump at the chance of having her as a notch on his bed post. The fact that she would be okay with being at the bottom of my totem pole told me a lot about what she felt about her self-worth.

I picked up my wine glass and gulped some of the red liquid down. Who ever said finding a good woman was easy? I would love to tell that person they are a big fat liar! I either encountered: gold-diggers, women with too many crazy baby daddies, or they had no personal or professional aspirations, too self-absorbed, or like Shalene – would reduce themselves to being a sidechick. And most of these women I encountered either in church, in my profession as a computer engineer, or through friends.

“You would be okay with being my sidechick – number 100?” I arched my brow. I really needed clarity on what she was offering, not that I was in the least bit interested. But I want to prove to you that I’m not making this stuff up.

“Absolutely.” She annunciated each syllable to emphasize her point.

I shook my head. “I’m not married, nor am I interested in having a sidechick.” Where is Michaela. I’m ready for the check. Just then, the strangest thing occurred. My body started to tingle. I looked up, my eyes drawing to her like a magnet. Michaela was heading toward our table with a large tray in her hands. I took the opportunity to let my eyes gracefully sweep over her body: her curly natural hair pulled up in a high pony, her flawless makeup free face, her full breast in her black polo uniform shirt, down to her wide hips in khaki pants, to the black flats she wore on her feet. The tingly feeling moved south and I knew I was in trouble.

“Here is your order –” Michaela started to place Shalene’s hot plate in front of her, just when her cellphone she had on the table chimed. Shalene rudely picked up her phone and checked her text message. Michaela placed the hot plate in front of her anyway. I could sense she was fighting an eye roll. “And here’s your order Sir.” Michaela said to me next. She placed my food in front of me, as she did her eyes connected with mines. I didn’t believe in that love at first sight mess. But having her mere inches from my face and her big beautiful eyes looking back at me, my breath was lodged in my throat. My need to kiss her was so strong I had to fight my neck from straining forward to capture her delectable lips with mine. What the heck was going on with me? It was like fireworks were popping off around us. She looked as caught up in the moment as I was.

“Ahhhmmmm!” Shalene’s throat clearing broke whatever spell was put upon us. Michaela quickly stepped back and stood to her full height, her face was flushed, but her eyes were still on me and mines were on her. Shalene cleared her throat again which made me painfully tear my eyes away from Michaela to look at her. “I’m sorry to cut our date short, but I have to go.” She picked up her clutch off the table then pushed her seat back.

I wasn’t at the least disappointed with her announcement. “Oh. Is everything okay?” The gentleman in me asked.

“It’s… everything’s fine. I just need to go handle something.” I could tell she was lying or withholding the full truth. I didn’t care though. She stood up and I did the same. “Hopefully we can do this again?”

“How about I call you if I’m interested.” I couldn’t pretend that I wanted to see her again and her leaving was an absolute blessing if I ever received one.

She smiled brightly as if what I said meant a definite yes. “Okay. Good night and sorry I have to leave so early.”

“Its fine.” Really it was.

She turned and dashed out of the restaurant not even giving me the chance to walk her out. I turned to see Michaela still standing at the table. “You wouldn’t happen to be on break soon, would you?” She was who I would rather spend my time with anyway.

She looked up at me, seeing as I was a few inches taller than her. “I could be if you want me to?” I don’t know, but even though I asked, I was surprised by her response.

I smiled. “And your boss won’t have a problem with you joining me for dinner?”

She smiled back, and if I wasn’t smitten by her already, she would have won me over for sure with her smile. “He’s my brother and I’m only here tonight helping him out because he was short on staff earlier.

“Michaela, would you like to join me for dinner?” I smiled showing off my dimples. I didn’t care what the other patrons and staff thought of us standing there in the middle of the restaurant.

“I would love to.” She looked down at Shalene’s still warm uneaten food on the table. “But first I need to place my dinner order.”

“Of course. I’ll wait.”

Minutes later she came walking back to the table with her dinner in hand. I noticed she’d changed out of the black uniform polo shirt she had on earlier, into a light pink blouse. I stood to pull her chair out for her to sit.

“Thanks for having dinner with me.”

“Thanks for asking. Even though this may be kind of weird seeing as you were on a date with someone else.”

“So why did you agree?” My food was re-heated and I was eager to dive in. But I took the opportunity to look at her for her answer. Did she feel as much of the electricity between us like I did?

She looked contemplative for a moment. Her eyes then found mines and she answered. “I just had this feeling that I had to say yes.”

And I couldn’t have asked for a better answer than that.

After we’d gotten settled a bit, after eating in silence for a couple minutes, I asked, “If you’re not a fulltime waitress, what do you do?”

“I’m a dental hygienist.”

“That’s a good profession.” I responded, impressed. She asked me what I did, and I told her I was a computer engineer. We sat there telling each other about our college years, then moved on to family, I even told her some embarrassing stories about me from childhood, and she shared a few from her own too. Hours past and when we looked up we were the only patrons in the establishment. I figured this being her brother’s place of business he didn’t kick us out.

I looked at the woman before me and I knew that I had to make her mine. Her beauty captivated me, however her intellect sealed the deal – all in just one night.

That was the night I met my wife. Five years later, we have two boys and have settled in nicely into married life. Michaela and our sons are my heart. Every morning I wake up thanking God for my family.

“What are you thinking about babe, you zoned out for a moment,” Michaela asked from her seat next to me on the couch. Our one-year-old son Micah was sleeping in her lap, and three-year-old Dontae was on the other side of me fully engrossed in the cartoon playing on the wide screen TV in front of us.

I smiled. “I was just thinking about the day God sent you into my life.” I leaned over and kissed her passionately on the lips. “One of the best days of my life.”

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