Friday, April 8, 2016

Underground - My new favorite TV series #UndergroundWGN #BreakFree

Underground is my new favorite show. I was hooked just from the commercials and previews about it airing. And the show definitely has not disappointed me. My hubby is even hooked on to it too, so now it's our weekly show to watch together.

I have always been a fan of historical fictions: books and movies. Although the ones about slavery do get me in my feelings when I see the mistreatment of others that are deemed "worthless" in the eyes of their oppressors. So Underground did take me there. Suzanna, slavemaster's wife, is not my favorite character because of her disdain for house slave Ernestine and her children. It's not so much her feeling superior, it's more so her wickedness towards Ernestine. However, this goes to emphasize her great acting ability to pull such emotion out of me.

Ernestine is one of my faves on this show. Just from the episodes so far, you get a sense that the field slaves feel that the house slaves have it better off than they do. Which may be true in some sense, however Ernestine's role is so pivotal. She has inside knowledge and power and if used correctly, is beneficial to her fellow slaves. I guess getting down in dirty with slavemaster Tom could be taking things too far. But she is a slave and in essence if he wants her, which he does, he's going to have her. So she uses it to her advantage. Her position has saved the day numerous times. She's so calculated in her response to situations that makes her a key opponent in the positive outcome of this series. Just the move she pulled in episode 5 had me like, "this chick is baddddd!" Gangsta!

Now on to the main character Noah, can we say HOT!!!!! Yes! Okay so he's my new TV crush. Don't judge me. I have a thing for chocolate and my hubby is number one. Besides Noah's good looks, some of what I like about him are his loyalty, his fire for freedom and despite no academic knowledge he's smart and also calculated in his response to the issues he faces. He's the spearhead in the plan to escape and gets the right people on his team to get the plan in action. He plays the role of a wounded slave to throw off the fact that he is capable of "another run", because he's tried numerous times, which works in his advantage.

Cato is a snake! And boy does he play his role well. He has a "I don't give a .... " attitude, but it's at the expense of not only the slavemasters but also his fellow slaves. But it sure adds to the suspense and interest to the show.

Rosalee is that surprise character. A house slave, she is so shy and meek, but when the moment came for her to fight, fight she did. She has a lot of strength and her "sheltered" upbringing becomes helpful when they are on the run. Now one thing I'm waiting on is for things to get a bit, ahhhmmmm, between her and Noah. There is definitely a budding romance between the two.

The lawyer John and his wife Elizabeth are a breath of fresh air to this series. Their fight against slavery proves that not everyone was for the cruel treatment of Blacks. They are very courageous in their stance for justice and puts their life on the line at every corner. Their compassion is perfectly displayed.

If you haven’t already, check out the show Underground on WGN America. It airs on Wednesday at 10pm est. You can also catch up with the series online: You can also see the list of cast and crew.

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