Wednesday, April 20, 2016

State of the Church - Are hypocrites taking over?

I've been attending church from as early as I can remember, some with variance in denomination. I however prefer non-denominational churches because they tend to stay away from doctrines that I feel put people into systematic boxes that I don't agree with. For instance, some denominational church doctrines feel that women shouldn't wear pants, jewelry, among other things. I don't see how a woman wearing or not wearing such things measure their faith in God. But to each their own. However, such beliefs like the above and experiences many have in churches leave me to question, what is the state of the Church? Just recently Pope Francis made a stand about divorced people being accepted into the Catholic Church and those that are homosexual. It made me ponder about why that even had to be addressed. The church is for the lost, the broken, the sick, the sinners - so why did the Pope have to address such issues?

I've heard many people complain about the hypocrisy in church and why they choose not to attend. Then there's the argument that hypocrites are also in the workplace, social arenas and even at home, yet people choose to not, not frequent those places. Then a rebuttal to that could be that people come to church so they don't have to deal with hypocrites, so when they do it’s a turnoff.

Bedside Baptist attendance is on the rise with church services being so easily accessible online and on TV. But is foregoing attending inside the church building worship experience, the same as at home? Is the feeling of brother and sisterhood in the body of Christ there at the bedside?

Christian music today is now greatly influenced by secular music, is that wrong? Is it or is it not attracting nonbelievers into the love of God and into the body of Christ? I remember when Erica Campbell's song "I Luh God" came on the air I did not like it at first, not because it was trap music but because it was just kind of weird hearing her sing in that genre. And there is an annoying piece in the lyrics that is hard for me to ignore when I hear it. But after a while I started to really like the song so now it’s one of my favorite gospel songs. There are some though that weren't and still aren't feeling Erica's song and her decision to jump on the trap music bandwagon.

So please share with me what you feel is the state of the church? Are you a Bedside Baptist? Why/why not? Or do you disagree with the church altogether that you don't even bother with either? You can reply anonymously. 

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  1. Church at home is more convenient and yeah I won't have to deal with people judging me.