Friday, April 29, 2016

Should Marriage Have an Expiration Date?

Hmmmmmm? Think about that for a moment. Should marriages have an expiration date of maybe two-years and perhaps a 30-day renewal period before the marriage is automatically terminated? I heard this question asked on a radio show once, and found the topic quite interesting.

If it did... I'm almost certain I may not still be married today. That's not to say that my marriage is bad, because it isn’t. However, in the past, newly married, when disagreements arose and I just wasn't feeling the whole "let's-talk-this-mess-out" thing, I probably would have chucked up my deuces and said, "I'm out!" You know how it is when you're in your feelings, you don't want to hear anything if it isn't in agreement with how you're feeling. But marriage isn't just about one individual, so that selfish attitude is a recipe for disaster in its self. Marriage takes work and commitment on both party’s part, so bailing at the first sight of indifference isn't good. Most successful marriages have been through the fire before things started to fully flourish.

However - could there be some advantages to marriages having an expiration date? You can easily cut ties after a certain period if things aren't working out, and go your separate ways as if the union never took place. Hmmmm, sounds good? But isn't figuring out if you're a good match a part of the dating – or shall I mention something that seems not to take place anymore – the courting stage, when couples determine if they're compatible?

Marriage is about making a covenant with someone for better or worse. So such commitment shouldn't be taken lightly or broken so easily either. Of course there are biblical laws to terminate marriages, because let's face it, not everyone will live "happily ever after". Some people just aren't ready or cut out for marriage. Then some people deal with abuse in marriage which shouldn’t be tolerated – ever! So if someone wants out – they should be given the right to.

So what do you think, should marriage have an expiration date?

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