Wednesday, April 27, 2016

SHORT STORY - Where My Help Comes From

Where My Help Comes From

Written by: Khara Campbell

I slammed my hands against the front door frame to stop myself from tripping over a toy left on the floor by one of my two kids. “Ugh!” They’re trying to kill me, I swear. Not even in the mood to fuss at Dana and Aiden about it, after getting my balance, I kicked the toy to the side so hopefully no one else would be attacked by it. I’d get them to clean-up their messes when we get back home. Matter of fact, they need to go on punishment for not getting it done when I told them to do it last night before bed.

After securing my purse on my shoulder, I locked the door then headed to my SUV, where the kids should’ve already been in and buckled. My husband, Dontae, was already at church because he’s a drummer for the band. My name is Ruby, by the way.

“Aiden, stop teasing your sister!” I spat. I heard him doing so while I was walking toward the SUV. And I was annoyed by it now because I had told him to stop teasing her about losing another tooth which gave her an open gap in her mouth.

“But she looks so funny!” He laughed to my and Dana’s annoyance.

“Enough! She’s getting her grown-up teeth in just like you did when you were eight.” He was eleven going on – about to get a butt whooping. He continued to snicker, but got the hint to stop with the teasing.

I threw my purse onto the passenger side seat, got in my SVU and headed to church.

Twenty minutes later I pulled up into the packed church parking lot. We were ten minutes late for the start of the second service. Thanks to the battle I had with the kids with getting up, dressed and eat breakfast. I should really be in praise mode now on this blessed Sunday – but I was annoyed and stressed. Dana and Aiden kept going back and forth with each other the entire ride, pushing my buttons. Knowing that with me driving there was less chances of them being reprimanded. But I was about to park.

Or so I thought when a driver slid right into the vacant parking space I spotted and was about to turn into. Are you kidding me? I had to bite back the profanities that wanted to explode from my mouth. This shocked me because I hadn’t felt this way in years. My hand itched to press heavily on my horn to portray my grievances with the parking-spot-thief.

Five minutes later I found a spot, which was a good few paces from the church entrance. Stepping out of the SUV, I noticed I had two different shoes on. “Just great!”

“Mommy, do you know that you’re wearing two different shoes?” Dana pointed out.

I sighed heavily. “Yeah, at least they’re flats and in the same color family.” I can’t believe I walked out of the house with two different shoes on – who does that? But I had no time to pout over it. I was beyond stressed and my body was starting to tense up from it all. It seemed this had been a week of hell.

After hastily signing the kids into children’s church, I made my way to the closed sanctuary door. The sound of “How Awesome is Our God" by Israel & New Breed featuring Yolanda Adams, floated through the doors. The sanctuary door opened by the usher, and it was like the praise team was singing just for me. Reminding me that I served an awesome and powerful God. Immediately the tension in my neck and shoulders rolled away. My eyes misted and tears poured down my face in praise. “God I needed to be in this place today. Thank you Father! You are my help; you are my strength… your love for me is overwhelming!”

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