Wednesday, January 20, 2016

9 Reasons Why Your Twistout Failed (and How to Improve Them!) by Ijeoma

9 Reasons Why Your Twistout Failed (and How to Improve Them!) |

For my natural hair sisters I hope this helps. I know I struggle sometimes with getting my twistout to look nice. - Khara

Oh the twistout. It’s pretty much the scrambled eggs of natural hair styling – so simple anyone can do it, yet so easy to REALLY screw up. If you’re fed up with twistout after failed twistout, here are 9 reasons it might have gone wrong, and how you can fix them.

1. Your hair needs a trim
If your twist out looks scraggly or tangles a lot while trying to separate strands, it’s likely that your hair needs a solid trim. Feel free to trim your twists with hair shears by cutting at an angle – this increases surface area so you can get max moisture, the same way you cut flowers at an angle. If you do twistouts often with great success, and you have a few off ones in a row, this is most likely the problem. Here are a few other signs that your hair needs a trim.

2. Your hair has no shape
Some people aren’t afraid to trim, but if you haven’t had your hair cut in the past year or so, then your hair probably doesn’t have a shape – whether tapered, layered, or round. Having a shape helps your twist and braidouts lay SO much better, meaning you’ll have to do less manipulation to make it look cute, meaning less breakage and frizz! My grown out tapered shape has been making my twistouts pretty nice lately, and you can change the shape and volume by using flat twists instead of two strand twists.

3. You didn’t let the twists fully dry
This is especially for my comrades with dense hair: if you twist your hair while it’s dripping yet, you know full well that letting ​your twists dry for 5 hours isn’t going to cut it! Aim to wear twists for at least a full day to let them set for a much longer lasting and defined twistout. Or sit under the dryer with warm heat for an hour before heading to bed to finish the drying process. Wondering how to wear your hair while in twists? Consider a hat, headwrap, or even an updo.

4. You took the twists down too quickly
When my twistouts are subpar, this is most often the reason. Allow yourself a full 30 minutes to take down your twistout so you won’t rush through it, as separating your strands without care is the also the fastest way to create frizzy, sad looking hair!

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