Monday, August 31, 2015

Thrift Store Finds

I LOVE when I go to the thrift store and find some goodies. Today was half off Monday at the thrift and I was able to find these stylish items to add to my wardrobe, also a pair of shoes for my middle child. Some people think that you only find junk at the thrift store, which honestly there are some junk, but you would be surprised with all the other cool things you can come across.

Suede jacket $2.25

Blue/green blouse $2.00
Blue shoes still had tag on it for $50 and I got em for $2.50, 
light pink sneakers I got for $2.50 as well.

I think I did pretty well, what ya think? Don't knock the thrift until you try it - who has to know where you got your clothes from and for how much? As long as you look fly, I won't tell anybody ;-)

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