Sunday, June 14, 2015

My AAMBC Awards Experience


Soooo I was in Atlanta last weekend to attend the AAMBC Award show. Well that Friday I found out I was presenting at the award. Can you say I was NERVOUS! Yup. And I was told I would be the first presenter. Talk about putting an introvert (thankfully I'm not as shy as I used to be.) waaaaaaaaaay out of their comfort zone. Press and bloggers would be there, and celebrities like Claudia Jordan, who was the host of the award. You may know her from the Real Housewives of Atlanta. She was one of other celebrities that were attending/presenting. So I was feeling the pressure of not wanting to mess up my few lines and or trip and fall on my face at a show that would have multiple cameras flashing and video recording. 

So the nerves lasted for a bit into Saturday, the day of the awards. But I worked on not thinking too much about standing before hundreds of people. When I walked on the stage there were a few butterflies twirling in my tummy but I got over it and nailed it! Boom! I was so proud of myself, hubby coached me well. And my makeup was on fleek! LOL. I was feeling myself a lil bit y'all I can't lie. However I'm back to normal. 

It was a fun night. I had a great time mingling and networking with other authors, readers, publishers, bloggers and the like. And it was very cool to meet in person some of the people that I follow or are friends with on social media. Everyone was dressed to impress. The entire atmosphere was festive. See some pics from the AAMBC Awards here: