Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Is being a lady going out of style?

Seriously, when did, (dare I say it because I so despise this word used to describe women), being a "bad bitch" trump being a classy lady? Yeah, I didn't get the memo for that and if I did I probably would have ripped it up. When did it become okay to refer to a woman as a bitch? "That's my bitch" referring to a friend. "She's my bitch" a guy introducing his woman. "That bitch" when referring to a woman that is despised. And the now famous "bad bitch" referring to a woman that has it all together. Really?! Personally I don't see how any woman would be okay being called derogatorily out of their name. But that’s just me.

When did dressing without “having it all hang out”, go out of style? A woman can look sexy and intriguing without her butt and boobs being on display. And I think men would find it even more attractive. I grew up with the saying that you should "always leave something to imagination" when it comes to dressing. But today, I think the new saying is show all you've got. I see some women on TV, ADs, social media posts and just walking out and about, and I’m floored that they are okay with provocatively flaunting their bodies. Mind you I do feel people have a right to do as they please, but it concerns me about the message they are sending. Trying to seek attention shouldn't be their motivation, gaining respect should. And it’s such a contradiction. Most of these women I think wouldn’t want to be disrespected and approached negatively, and they shouldn’t, but the picture they paint could send the wrong image. For instance it would be inappropriate for a woman to wear a midriff top, tight mini skirt or short-shorts to a business meeting or job interview. It would send the wrong message to her associates or potential employer. Same goes to how she would present herself to the world on a daily basis. Again I must state that people should dress how they choose and if they feel comfortable – so be it. I’m just stating my opinion. Another way to look at it – how would one feel if they saw the first lady dressed in something like this out to dinner with the President and other dignitaries:

Hmmm, yeah I will let that marinate in your mind for a while.

What’s sad too is the fact that young girls are going to think walking out of the house half naked is okay. That being called a bitch, among other derogatory names, is okay. Men will begin to lose respect for women because they are not seeking it for themselves. It makes it so much harder today to teach our daughters and sons to respect themselves and each other when we have these images being branded into their heads.

So anyway, I just had to ask, when did being a lady go out of style and when will it come back?


  1. I think it happened back in 1995. I distinctly remember another female responding to me "affectionately" as that term! It's so sad, but I think women who couldn't aspire to be classy decided to come up with this bad bitch trend instead. All I know is I wouldn't want to meet one in a dark alley.

    1. Hi Chanta, it really is sad and it only seems like it is getting worse rather than better.