Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Embracing Your So Called Body Flaws

I think we all as humans battle with certain body images that we consider flaws - whether it's from comparing ourselves to others, trying to conform to society and or the media, or believing negativity from others - at some point there is a body image struggle. I've come to believe over the years - year it took some years - that the things we consider flaws are flaws because we allow them to be. Speaking from personal experience, those who have met me know me as the slim chick or rather I was called the skinny or boney girl growing up, (among other names I would love to forget), and a whole lot during my adulthood. Now by me saying that - some of you may have rolled your eyes and said "girl please! I wish being skinny was my issue." Well for me it wasn't fun growing up the skinny girl especially born in a country where being skinny wasn't considered desirable. It was really tough for me especially during adolescence years. I remember this one time someone told me why don't you just drink some cooking oil to make yourself put on some weight. Yup an adult told me that as a kid - and believe what this dumb kid did - I tried to drink some cooking and ended up throwing it up because it was so disgusting. I think about that sometimes and even writing this and I cringe. But that was how flawed I believe my skinny frame to be. Thankfully over the years I've come to embrace my size and accept myself for the way God made me. However truthfully I still have tense moments when people mention anything about my weight because it takes me back to a time when I really struggled with my body image. I've also dealt with thinking my forehead was too big - which it is - but so what! It's my big ole' forehead. LOL. It also took me a while to embrace wearing open-toe sandals because I felt my toes were too long - welp I got over that quickly.

I know personally of someone that dealt with seeing her overweight body as flawed. It took some time but she began to realize that as long as she's healthy she shouldn't feel badly about her dress size. I've seen her change from a negative mindset to fully embracing everyone of her God given curves. She always dresses nicely and her confidence is the first thing you notice when she walks through a door. I also know of someone finding fault in her dark skin tone to the point that bleaching her skin became a daily regiment. But all that was doing was destroying skin than improving it - as she thought. She had to rid her mind of all the negative talk of dark skin equating ugly and that she was inferior to anyone that had a lighter skin tone. It took years, but she now embraces her beautiful, flawless dark skin. Her smile is brighter and she too is proud of the skin she's in.

Sometimes we magnify the wrong things. Don't make those so called flaws bigger than the fact that  you are fearfully and wonderfully made in God's image. Embrace your flaws!

- Khara

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