Thursday, April 30, 2015

Fatal Mistake: A Brook’s Family Values Novel by Iris Bolling


Fatal Mistake: A Brook’s Family Values Novel

Can you have love without trust?
Sports-Agent Nicholas Brooks will never forgive himself for compromising his clients. It was rare, but he placed his heart and trust in the hands of a woman who not only deceived him, but wiped out his client’s bank account.

It was a sting operation gone bad. There was no other way Erika Kennedy could explain what happened. Oh…she got what she wanted, she always did. But this time she made a fatal mistake…she fell in love with the target.

She was getting over it, until her brother came to her for help. Now she has to face the man she betrayed.  Will Nick help, or handcuff her on sight?

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

BookMarketingBuzzBlog: Overcoming 16 Obstacles To Being A Successful Writer

This is geared toward writers but I think this is great advice for any field a person wants to be successful in. Take a look.

- Khara