Monday, March 30, 2015

NICKA K BB Cream Review

Some of you may remember I blogged about trying a BB cream before and I did not like it. My reason then was because the brand I used was too thick and maybe the shade was wrong - but it just didn't look right on my face. Well I decided to try out a BB Cream again, mainly because I've been getting these annoying pimples as I get younger. Ugh! Because of them, it takes a little longer to clear the dark spots that sometimes are left behind after the pimple is gone, so I wanted sometime to cover them up until they're cleared away. I started using NICKA K BB Cream a couple weeks ago and I love it! The shade matches my complexion - you can't even tell I'm wearing it. It's light and you apply same way you would daily moisturizer. I have noticed a change in the texture of my skin within two days. It feels softer and smoother.  So if you were looking for a BB cream maybe you would want to try out this brand.

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