Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Kiss and Tell Blog Tour


Here's your chance to be a lucky winner of a $5 Amazon gift card. One (random) winner will be chosen. From the excerpt below from Purple Tears, can you determine if Dwayne is trying to tell Gina something or get a kiss?

Reply with your response for a chance to win! Winner will be announced tonight.

        To Gina’s delight, after she stepped outside, Dwayne got out of his Range Rover and opened up the door for her to get in the passenger seat. He usually opened her car door when he walked her to her car after their dates, but today, outside the bank where her co-workers could possibly see, she loved his good gentlemen Southern manners. She had to thank his mama whenever she met her. She hated how some men were oblivious to being a gentlemen now days.  Already she was thinking about a long future with him. No man had made her feel so happy and secure like this. Plus, he honored her desire to remain celibate until marriage. She knew he would like for things between them to get a little more physical than the occasional pecks on the lips. She sure would too, but so far he had been very respectful of her wish and she was grateful for that.
            Gina put her seatbelt on as she waited for Dwayne to return to the driver’s seat. As he got in, he couldn’t help but notice the bare flesh of her thighs, down to her slender legs crossed together at her ankles. He bit his bottom lip in desire. Oh, the things he would love to do to her legs and thighs. Never had he not had sex with a woman he was dating, but he had to admit that Gina did make him want to do whatever it took to make her happy. He had no problem respectfully honoring her wish. Besides, to him, sleeping with random women got old and finding ‘the one’ meant more.
            After pulling off onto the highway Dwayne reached over for Gina’s hand. “Do you mind if I hold your hand while I drive?” He took a quick look off the road to look at her.
            “Only if you promise not to crash while driving with one hand,” she joked. She freely gave him her hand. A warm tingly feeling came over her. He made her feel like a love-struck teenager. ‘God I pray he is sincere and he is the one because I’ve never felt like this with a man before’, she silently prayed.
            “Would it be okay if we get take out and eat at a park somewhere? I don’t want to share my few minutes with you with anyone else,” he confided.
            “Hmmm, was this your plan from the beginning?” She smiled.
            “Yes, but I had to get you to say yes to lunch first and to driving alone with me. I figured I might as well take it all the way now since you’ve agreed to everything else.”
            “Well today must be your lucky day Mr. Butler.”
            “Actually everyday has been lucky since I met you months ago,” he confirmed.  He squeezed her hand gently as they waited at a red light. Then he lifted her hand and gently kissed it. She blushed instantly and sexual desire raged throughout her body. ‘Oh my, the things this man’s words do to my body only makes me wonder what his hands, mouth and body can do’.  Gina blew air out her mouth slowly to help release some sexual tension that was building up.  The light turned green and broke their hypnotism.
            “So how soon is too soon to get married in your opinion?” Dwayne asked after he drank some of his soda and rested it back down on the picnic table at the park. 
They were the only ones under the pavilion. On the playground a distance away, a few parents were watching their little kids playing, so Gina and Dwayne pretty much had some privacy. 
Gina almost choked on her salad at his question. She coughed, and then she took a sip of her Coke to help push the food down her throat.
“No need to get alarmed, I’m not proposing. I just want to know your answer to the question.” He assured her after he saw the shock on her face. He wasn’t sure if her shock was good or bad, but he was leaning toward the good.

            “Oh.” She was a little disappointed, though they’d only been officially dating for almost three months. “Umm, I’ve never really thought about it. I guess anything less than six months perhaps, but every situation and relationship is different.  It’s so hard to say.”

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