Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Writer Challenge - Write a crime scene from the POV of the murder weapon

As a writer you must always exercise your writing and creative muscles, so I participated in this challenge recently.  I personally do not like grimy, very descriptive books or movies, that have these types of scenes because I am a visual person and those things stay stuck in my mind for a while, which I don't like. However I took the challenge. Tell me what you think:

Write a crime scene from the POV of the murder weapon

Khara Campbell

I lay still in my holder. My handle was up, viewing the scene in front of me. Eric, I recall his name being called, wearing a tan shirt struck the other in a yellow shirt, Fred, – in the nose. Blood gushes out, smearing the Fred’s chocolate face. He grunts loudly, but rams his body forward knocking Eric down to the cold tile floor. I hear a loud thump, then a crash of dishes falling to the kitchen floor as the men pull them down with them as they fought. The body blows continue, each man fighting for their lives.

“She is my wife, you bastard!” I hear Eric yell, followed by a loud smack across the face.

Fred groans loudly, then kicks Eric in the groin. “She loves me! You were too busy taking care of other things instead of your wife.” Fred taunts jumping to his feet. He kicks Eric as he lays on his back on the tile floor.

Eric rolls to his stomach then manages to get up. Fred throws a punch, but Eric ducks out of the way. Both men from where I am on the kitchen counter, are bloody. Their shirts stained with ripe blood.

“I’m gonna kill you!” I hear Eric proclaim. I’m grabbed out of my holder. My twelve inch stainless steel blade glistening from the light in the kitchen. I’m hoisted high in the air. Eric grips my handle tightly, swinging it viciously at Fred.

Fred dodges away from my sharp edge. With a kick from Fred, I’m knocked out of Eric’s death grip. I went flying in the air then I land on the cold tile floor near the fridge. Seconds later, I’m picked back up, this time by Fred. He lunges forward piercing Eric in the gut. I go deep. Cutting flesh and tissue. I’m yanked out, then I’m plunging back into flesh. I’m drowning in blood. Eric drops to his knees then falls forward, pushing me deeper into his flesh.

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