Thursday, November 20, 2014

I've been a busy writing bee!


I know I've been a little scarce on posting on my blog - for good reasons though. I've been really busy writing. My second novel Purple Tears is scheduled to be released April 2015. I've also finished the first draft for my third novel and...I just started my fourth last week. You wouldn't believe that I've written 36,000 words for it already. Yeah, I'm shocked myself. 36,000 words in a week - yeah this chick is on a roll. I would love to finish the first draft for my fourth novel by the end of December. I'm on a mission to have several books released in 2015. I also hope to have a second children's book released 2015 as well. I've been a busy writing bee. So please check back on my blog often to get updates on my books.

Read ya later!


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