Monday, October 27, 2014

SINERGY (Brooks Family Values Book 1) by Iris Bolling

Synopsis Sinergy

“This is all you have on the Brooks’?” Isaac J. Singleton, of Singleton Enterprises, threw the folder across the conference table where four men were seated. “I gave each of you a target and this is all you bring me?”
“Mr. Singleton, you are asking for dirt on children of one of the most prominent families in the country. The oldest son is the leading criminal attorney on the East coast. His younger brother is the freaking advisor to the President of the United States. The youngest brother is in a partnership with Tyrone Pendleton. I dont have to remind you what happened when we tried the takeover the Pendleton Agency. The weakest link in the family is the daughter, Nicole, and to be honest, professionally she may be somewhat vulnerable, but that’s stretching it.”
“I pay you a lot of money to find vulnerabilities.”
“Yes, sir, and each time, with the exception of Pendleton, we have come through for you. This Brooks family is close knit. It will not be easy to penetrate any of their businesses.”
Isaac stood, looked out his twenty-sixth floor office window fuming. He built his empire for one purpose, to destroy the so-called “good name” of Avery Brooks. If he had to tear down every closet in Brooks’ estate to find what he needed, thats what he would do.


Iris Bolling was born in Richmond, Virginia, has a Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Management. She is currently a Workforce Development Trainer with the Commonwealth of Virginia, providing management training and professional development consultation for the state workforce.
To combine the areas in her life she enjoys the most, education, politics and romance, Iris Bolling penned her first manuscript, Once You've Touched the Heart, which was release in March 2008. Since that time she has released five additional books in The Heart Series. The Heart Series, which consist of The Heart of Him, Look Into My Heart, A Heart Divided, A Lost Heart and The Heart, have captivated the eyes and heart of readers.
In May of 2011, Iris introduced a new cast of Characters in her novel Night of Seduction/Heaven’s Gate. The Pendleton Rule, which was released in February of 2013 the sequel.
In April of 2010 Iris was named Debut Author the Year, at the Romance Slam Jam Conference. Her novel, Once You've Touched the Heart was voted the Readers Choice Award with Shades of Romance Magazine.

 In 2012, her novel, The Heart won Hero of The Year for her character Al “Turk” Day.  She just completed season one of The Heart Television Show. Her book, The Pendleton Rule, was selected the suspense of the year by the Romance Slam Jam in 2014.



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