Friday, September 5, 2014

How would you finish this story?... The Reunion

Tell me how you would complete this story? What do you think would/should happen next? Comment below.

The Reunion
Written by: Khara Campbell

"Babe I'm so happy I can finally introduce you to my family, it’s been two years and my mama and the entire family are eager to meet you." Tracee said with gleam in her eyes after Bruce parked his truck on the curb next to a house that was filled with people eating, drinking and having a good time. It looked like a family reunion. He thought he was only going to finally meet Tracee’s mother and siblings not her whole clan. "You moving here from Atlanta to live with me is a perfect time for my family to meet you." Tracee continued.

"You didn't tell me it was a family reunion." Bruce said pulling the key out of the ignition. He looked out the window, pass her in the passenger seat, he was reluctant to get out. He closed his eyes briefly trying to get his thoughts together, mentally preparing himself for any challenges he may encounter meeting her whole family for the first time.

"I didn't know my mom was going to invite all these people. But they all thought I was a nun or secretly gay because I haven't brought a man over in years. It won't be bad, I promise." Tracee opened the truck door when she saw her mom step on the porch. Bruce got out the truck too and walked around to Tracee. 

"Traceeeee!" Darcee, Tracee's mother exclaimed when she saw her youngest child. Darcee darted off the porch toward Tracee and Bruce, looking ten years younger than her fifty-five year old self. 

Darcee hugged her daughter tight like she hadn't just seen her yesterday. Then finally she looked up at Bruce. Both she and Bruce looked at each other in complete disbelief - recognition of each other slapped them hard in the face. Darcee looked like she was about to pass out as the color quickly drained from her mocha complexioned face. Bruce felt his heart beating in overdrive at the realization of the older woman that stood in front of him.

"Mom, are you okay?" Tracee asked holding her mother by the shoulders now to steady her. "You look like you just saw a ghost. This is Bruce, my fiancé." Tracee threw one hand over her shoulder toward Bruce.

Darcee caught a breath and straightened her posture to build some resemblance of calm. "Tracee, go say hi to everyone. I want to talk to Bruce alone" Darcee said momentarily overcoming her shock.

"Babe, I will be right over there. Mom won't bite." She reached up and gave Bruce a peck on the lips. Bruce was even more uncomfortable with the scene unfolding in front of him. He watched Tracee as she walked away toward other family members.

As soon as Tracee was out of earshot Darcee dug into him. "Bruce, what the hell kind of foolishness is this!? You're dating my daughter?"

- Khara

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  1. I would like Darcee to force Bruce to leave, he resist. Bruce profess his love for Tracee and walks away. Darcee is met with an overwhelming wash of old love for Bruce. She is conflicted on whether to sabotage or save her daughters relationship.

  2. I think Bruce will tell Darcee that he never stopped loving her and he wants to be with her instead of Tracee. Seeing Darcee brings back all the wonderful memories he have of her from the past.