Monday, June 2, 2014

Summer Saving Tips To Fatten Your Wallet - by Dani Johnson

Summer Saving Tips To Fatten Your Wallet


Today is the first Monday in June. For many, June marks the beginning of summer vacation, swimming pools, barbecues, hiking, biking or whatever warm-weather activities you enjoy. Others dread the thought of 3 months with their children at home, who quickly begin singing their summer song of boredom.
Right? At first the kids are so excited to be out of school, then a week later they sulk around the house claiming, "I'm bored!" This horrid phrase usually leads to you shelling money out of your pockets to keep them entertained: Movies, eating out, summer camp, vacation, family gym memberships.
Surviving Summer Spending
After the fun is done, the bill arrives in the mail. This summer, don't sink further into debt! It is possible to have your fun without the strain on your pocketbook. All it takes is planning ahead and a new perspective on spending.
Summer spending can do a number on your finances! So today I want to share a few friendly tips to help you save your bank account this summer with the added benefit of changing the way you look at money and spending forever.
  • Don’t impulse buy. Wait 30 days before purchasing anything, it will separate out what is really worth it to you and what is not.
  • Take the item cost and divide it by your hourly wage. If it’s a $50 pair of shoes and you make $10/hour, ask yourself, “Are these shoes really worth 5 long hours of work?”
  • When in doubt, LEAVE THE STORE! You probably don’t need it.
  • Set a “fun budget” for yourself and your kids.
  • Don’t spend your next bonus or raise – pay off debt or invest that money instead!
  • Aim for short-term savings goals, such as setting aside $20/week rather than $2,000/year.
  • Create a visual goal. And hang it where you can see it, count it down as you get closer.
  • Recognize the difference between luxury and necessity. A frappuccino on a hot day or snacks on the road seem like a necessity, but packing stuff from home and bringing water could save you big in the end.
It might be helpful if you print out these tips and keep them posted on your 'fridge or by your desk. Saving money and paying off debt are daily choices you have to make.
Dani Johnson

Don't go broke this summer guys - enjoy the summer by spending wisely!

- Khara

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