Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Some Things You Should Not Share Online!

Some Things You Should Not Share Online!
By: Sam Bowling

With the popularity of sharing info about anything and everything through social media today, it can be easy to forget to be careful about what you’re revealing about yourself or your family. After all, sometimes it feels difficult enough to figure out how to successfully work with your blog’s hosting
provider, leaving you little energy to worry about preventing cyber crime. However, despite any safety that you may feel within your own blogging or social media community, it is still very important to be careful about what you post online. Here are three things I would never share openly online, and which I feel you should be careful about sharing as well.

1) Where I Live:
While it’s up to you whether you want to post about living in a certain city or region of a county, there is really no reason to share the specifics about your neighborhood address online. Not only does this protect the privacy of your family from receiving unwanted solicitations, but it can also be important for preventing dangerous criminal activities as well. For instance, if you plan on
going out of town for a week and mention it on your blog, anyone knowing your home address could easily see this as an opportunity to break in while you’re away. Even though you may feel very safe and close to the friends and family members who respond to your blog (or other online social media) in their comments, the fact remains that there are still many others who can read your information who you may have no connection to at all. Be careful to not post any photographs with address numbers or street information on them as well, as these could be used to determine your family home location by unwanted visitors as well.

2) Where My Children Attend School:
 The safety of your children should always be of paramount importance. Because of this, revealing any information about where they go to school is never a good idea online. Even if your children may not wait around at a bus stop unattended by you or another guardian, sharing information about where they can be found five days a week is unwise. Feel free to discuss adventures in dealing with
homework and teacher conferences, but details about specific names and locations should be left to discussing on the phone or in person with only close, known friends.

3) My Date of Birth:
Many online accounts require security information which includes your date of birth. While there will undoubtedly be many friends who stay informed about your birthday, the actual year of your birth should never be publicly revealed. Although not as valuable in aiding identity thieves as your social security number (which should also never be shared!), your exact birth date is still one
important part of information that could potentially be used to hack into certain accounts under “your” identity. After all, there’s a good chance that you’ve already included information about your name and hometown on your blog (even if you haven’t posted a specific address); providing information about your exact birth date would just provide one more piece to the “puzzle” about
your private information.

Overall, an important rule to remember before posting any information online is this: Would I share this information with a stranger on the street? If the answer is “no,” then there’s probably no good reason for you to share that information openly online either.

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