Thursday, May 15, 2014

We All Have Weaknesses, but That's Not Necessarily A Bad Thing

We are all naturally gifted with strengths and abilities, but along with that comes our weaknesses.  Yes - we humans are in fact not perfect.  But that's a given right - we all know that (or at least we all should). Our weaknesses however shouldn't been seen as a bad thing though.  God perfectly and purposefully created us all different, which means we need each other.  Yeah - you can't make it in this world without other people.  No matter how you may try to say you don't need anyone - you in fact do, whether you want to believe it or not. So recognizing what our weaknesses are is a must.  We should know what we lack in or better yet need improvement in.  I am for instance a type of person that prefers to be behind the scenes, I don't like seeking attention.  I'm not great at promoting my self.  I would praise others, give recognition to others, but I struggle extending that same effect to myself. (I am getting better though, because I realized this is/was my weakness).  One of my biggest challenges as an author is opening myself up to my readers (and you) about myself and about my work. But I've learned that I needed to extend myself a little bit more, not put all my business out there, but letting people in so they could know who Khara is, rather than just know me as the author of books. I mentioned all that to stress the point that knowing our weaknesses isn't necessarily a bad thing.  In fact it can help you.  The weak areas that you can't improve in gives you the opportunity to connect with someone else that is stronger in that area.  Again, this proves that we need other people in our lives. Where you are weak they are strong and vice versa. 

Remember Moses from the bible?  His weakness was poor speech, but with the help from his brother Aaron he was able to speak to Pharaoh and the people of Egypt. Did Moses' weakness make him less qualified to do what God wanted him to do? No it didn't.  And so as your weaknesses, it doesn't make you less qualified to do the things God has set on your heart to do.  Recognize your weak areas, work on improving in that area or connect with others that can assist you in your weakness. Knowing your weakness can make you stronger.

- Khara

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