Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Forget About the Haters, Maybe You Are Your Own Worst Enemy!

I think sometimes people need to stop and ask themselves "am I the one holding myself back from my own happiness?" Or whatever it is you want to have in your life. I keep hearing people talk about "my haters" this or "my haters" that.  Really, do they actually have people hating on them or are they just using "haters" as an excuse for their lack? Their laziness to not do something positive with their lives. I think that if you are truly "all that and a bag of nacho chips" then you wouldn't even be worried about some so call "haters".  Why?  Because you're too busy living your life, accomplishing your goal and giving your time to positive rather than negative things.

Sometimes the one's saying they have "haters" are the people that have nothing for people to be hating on. Expensive clothes, shoes, jewelry or even a car or house - that you have to rob Peter to pay Paul is not worth hating on in my book. Riches are fleeting, true wealth is built up.  In other words, money passes through people's hand daily and spent faster than it's given.  But true wealth is stored up. People need to truly look at themselves in the mirror and realize that perhaps all their so call problems are because of them. Again even if you really do have people hating on you, why allow them to stifle your worth?  Why allow them to block your happiness?  Stop giving attention to the negative - whether it's from haters or from yourself.  And stop making accuses about what you don't have and why you don't have it.  The main reason you "don't have" is because of your excuses!  Excuses is the number one reason why people fail - whether to do something or not to do something.  Excuses stop you dead in your tracks every time.  Imagine all the things you could accomplish if there are no excuses?

Whew - trust me, that last question is for me too!


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  1. Soooo true! This was a wonderful amazing post!