Sunday, April 6, 2014

My Personal Spending Fast

In January I decided to go on a three month personal spending fast: no purchase of shoes, clothes, jewelry and accessories.  Now to say the least - this was tough for me, very tough.  I don't consider myself a shopaholic (well I guess you may be thinking that of course I would think that most shopaholics don't believe they are), but honestly I'm not.  And I'm very conservative when it comes to spending, or you can call me cheap.  I love nice clothes and shoes - but I guarantee you I'm not going to go broke to get it.  Anyhoo, my spending fast was a challenge.  I swore when I walked into the department stores the sale signs and discounted clothes, shoes, jewelry and accessories were calling my name, just taunting the heck out of me: "Khara, oh Khara look at me I bet I'll look so good on you and guess what, I'm 50% off..." It was torture I tell you, torture!  I almost cracked a few times.  I had the clothes in my cart, I rationalized that I really needed these items, but before I made it to the cashier I returned the clothes to the racks.  I made it three months you'll, I made it! Oh weeee!  Now you know I celebrated my three months fast by shopping on Friday - right?  Of course I did, it'd been three months that's more than any woman can take.  Yeah I went crazy and spent a whopping sixty bucks on two outfits! 

This fast was a learning experience.  I don't need most of the things that are on sale, my closet is filled with clothes some I've never even worn yet so I don't have to feel like I have to go shopping for something new often.  Also, it was great to save that money.  I wasn't a fashion crisis during my personal spending fast so going a while without buying something new won't put me on the "worst dressed list". But boy am I glad that's over! 


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