Friday, March 7, 2014

Parenting Deja vu!

Have any of you ever experienced parenting deja vu? Like you had an out of body experience remembering when you were around your young child's tender age of about ten years old and you said something like this to your parent "that music is really old! You actually like that?" and your parent may have responded with "to you it might sound old, but that was my jam back in the day!  Don't worry when you get older your kids would say the same thing to you about your taste of music." And then you proceed to look at your parent like a deer in headlights. Okay so am I the only one to have had this type of experience? I just recently knocked on thirties door, so I'm no where near middle age or later so to have my preteens act as if my taste in some things is old fashion totally boggles my mind, I'm current with today's trends. I reminisce back to the days when I was a kid and I remember making these similar remarks to my mother and now hearing it back from my own kids is totally deja vu! Now my preteens have started referring to me as "mom" in the presence of their friends.  Mommy is no longer allowed.  I can deal with mom though and I understand it - they're getting older.  But that doesn't mean I'm an old washed up mom - right?  I'm hip - okay so they don't like when I say this either.  But I think I am.  I certainly don't go up to their school in a robe and roller sets - that would be social suicide to them and personally I would never dare do that! So thinking on it now, I think I need to call my mummy (yes I still call my mother mummy so do you understand my pain?) and apologize to her for thinking she wasn't cool back then because she was.  But then again it's all a part of growing up I guess.  I certainly appreciate my mother a whole lot more since becoming a parent myself.  Yeah, my kids would look back on these days and realize I was pretty cool after all.

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