Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My Guest Blogger Posts on The Praying Woman website

I love to write, I love my God and I try daily to stay true to my faith.  Along with my own personal blog, but also recently on I've been able to share my love for both.  I connected with The Praying Woman site through their facebook page where they share daily inspirational posts that I really enjoyed reading.  I loved them so much that I wanted to guest blog for them, and hence I'm now a guest blogger.  If you haven't heard of this site you should check it out.  I've been so blessed by the posts and messages through this site and from women submitting prayer requests.  Just judging by the number of followers to this site it's easy to say that I'm not the only person that enjoy reading their messages about faith in God.  

The creator of The Praying Woman website started it after losing her job and was in the process of finding another.  After months of no job leads the birth of The Praying Woman came about.  Wow, she testified how during a low point in her life when she was seeking God for a new job, God had positioned her to develop this great Women's Lifestyle Blog that I am so proud to be a guest blogger on.  I am so happy she lost her job because it lead to the creation of such a powerful website.  Posts after posts, comments after comments I can see that so many people are being blessed by the messages of this website.  

It makes me think about what unfortunate situation may be going on in our lives that perhaps is a gateway to a bigger blessing.  God truly knows all things and when we sometimes think we are losing the greatest thing ever in our lives, He wants to lead us to something bigger and better - the best! For this to occur - truly walking in God's guidance is key.  We've got to take our hands off the pebbles when Jesus wants to give us gold.

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  1. Love this post! Yep, sometimes we have to go through some things to realize our purpose. I wouldn't change a thing. Grateful and Blessed! Thanks Khara! :)

    1. Not a problem Dreana! You are an inspiration!