Monday, February 17, 2014

The Good Old Days?

I am so thankful for today’s technology.  No more rotary dial phones – dang that was a long time ago huh?  Now we can take our mini computerized cellphones with us everywhere we go.  I love it because it keeps me connected. No more having to dig a huge hole in your front yard to install a spaceship sized satellite so you can watch TV. Man those things were massive, but you sure were a “somebody” if you had one in your yard.  I grew on the islands so I also remember washing clothes on my hand and hanging them on the line (which I still experience sometimes when I go home for visits) but I sure do love having a washing machine and dryer. And who can remember when getting a jump rope, jacks, marbles and hula-hoop were the best gifts ever as a kid; but even better if you got a brand new bike – that new bike made you feel like you were driving a Lexus. But all those are things of the past and it just makes me think that despite not having the advanced technology of today, back in the day seems to me to be when living was better.  Things were simpler.  There were less of “keeping up with the Joneses” and more just living amongst each other in peace.  Yeah I know things weren’t perfect back then, crimes were still committed, lack of technology did create some setbacks, but for the most part life was better.  Nowadays some people don’t even know their neighbors, forget going over to borrow some sugar or flour, you’ll be sent back home with nothing.  Kids can’t even truly be kids and play amongst themselves outside in the yard without being watched like a hawk by their parents.  I enjoyed growing up when my cousins and neighbors would all play in the bush all day eating native fruits or playing racing or baseball on the quiet neighborhood streets.  Our parents didn’t have to worry about some predator coming to attack us.  I remember my neighbors being like family, now people living right next to each other are total strangers. With all the craziness in today’s society people are fearful of one another and people are also meaner today it seems than yesterday. Fighting and bickering seems to be the first solution to a problem than some peaceful resolution.  Other parents could have corrected other children’s bad behavior, today that is forbidden.  Seems to me it wouldn’t hurt to bring that back considering all the crazy stuff kids of today get into.  If someone is positively correcting my child I have no problem with that, but maybe that’s just me.  I love the new advances of today’s society, but sometimes I wish the old days weren’t totally a thing of the past.

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