Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Gabby Douglas Story - this was so inspiring to watch!

I watched The Gabby Douglas Story this weekend on Lifetime TV and I have to say that it was very inspiring.  It was so amazing when Gabby won the gold medal in gymnastics during the 2012 Olympics.  Team USA won the gold medal along with Gabby receiving gold for individual all-around, making her the first black person to win an individual all-around medal.  Watching Gabby win the gold on TV was awesome, but actually watching her story and seeing the sacrifices that were made on her behalf was just phenomenal!  Gabby's family believed in her from the very beginning and went through tremendous sacrifices, unselfishly for her.  Gabby showed how she had moments when she wanted to give up, it was becoming too much - even though going to the Olympics had always been her dream, but with encouragement from family and other influential people in her life she persevered and we all see what the results were. WOW, this story is a much watch!  It would really get you up and pump to not want to give up on your dreams.

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