Tuesday, January 28, 2014

You don’t have to give up Style to represent Christ!

Ladies, if some of you are like me and like to look fashionable (without breaking the budget of course) and still represent your Christian belief guess what - you still can.  I believe as long as it’s not too tight, too short, revealing or offensive (graphics) then I say wear it!  Keep it modest and cute. Your body is the temple of the Lord and you can still dress it up and keep your faith and morals intact.  Some may feel how you dress shouldn’t matter, but really it should.  You are a billboard of God’s grace, forgiveness, love etc. and you should represent Him well.  Which means if you are not keeping yourself looking appropriately, forget about fashion, I mean if you are not even trying to make an effort to fix your hair and keep yourself clean and presentable, then you need to change that for the better.  God is an awesome God and we should represent Him well. Draw others to Christ by not only what you say and do but also how you dress.

Here are some fashion inspirations:

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