Thursday, January 30, 2014

Are TV Shows Distorting Marriages?


I love the TV shows Scandal and my new favorite Being Mary Jane. But if you are a junkie for these shows like I am, you may have noticed that the main characters are both having affairs with married men.  Now I'm strong enough in my Christian faith to not grow accustomed to believing that these affairs are "okay" - they're not in my eyes.  I also personally don't believe that all men cheat.  Now I may be a fool, but I will stay one until proven otherwise.  But it brought me to this question - are TV shows distorting marriages?  Are we as married people not giving enough positive insights on faithful, loving marriages?  Or are all these marital affairs in the TV shows just ways to create drama, suspense, there-is-something-good-about-being-bad, to draw in viewers?  I believe I would still like both shows I mentioned if neither one of them focused on a martial affair, but am I the only one?  I remember the TV show Soul Food - that was one of my favorites.  I really liked the characters Maxine and Kenny, they were married, without the affairs drama, and really showed what a perfect non-perfect marriage looked like.  I would love to see more marriages like that back on TV.  So what do you think, are there too many negative views of marriage on TV today?

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