Monday, October 7, 2013

Operation Book Cover Design

So one thing that I am learning in this book publishing process is that the cover is VERY important.  It is the first thing readers see when looking for a book to pick up and read, so the cover plays a huge role in drawing attention to my novel in getting potential readers interested.  So for the past few days I've been thinking about ideas and searching for pictures online.  To say the least it's been interesting and a little difficult trying to come up with the perfect cover, in my mind and hopefully to the publishers approval. I've looked at hundreds of pictures and was becoming very frustrated that I wasn't finding exactly what I was looking for.  This novel is my baby, the first of many (by faith) so I want it to be perfect, at least in my eyes, so the design of the right cover is essential. Not My Will is the title of my novel, so I basically want a picture that would express the title right away.  I received one proof from the designer, but I wasn't in love with it, hence I began my search again for another cover design idea.  So now I have narrowed it down to two cover ideas, one I am in love with, but not sure if it will really work, the other I'm okay with.

Those of you that are parents you know the feelings you had when you were having your first child: excitement, uncertainty, fear of failure, absolute joy for the arrival, praying for a safe delivery, praying for a healthy baby, well those are the feelings I am having about my debut novel due March 2014.  My dream is coming to fruition and I am so joyful and happy to be experiencing this whole publishing process, I wouldn't trade it.

Not My Will - Debut Novel, March 2014

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