Monday, October 14, 2013

Editing and deleting

During the weekend I was busy editing and DELETING 12,000 words from my manuscript - yes, 12,000 words.  I had heartache when my publisher told me I needed to shorten my manuscript by 12,000 - good grief! I re-read the publishers email like ten times hoping that perhaps 12,000 was actually 1,200, but no - 12,000 words it was.  When I told my publicist what I had to do her comment was "welcome to the world of publishing".  Yikes - that was a hard pill to swallow.  I was thinking how in the world am I to delete 12,000 words from my manuscript - where do I even begin?  Of course my head was swelled up thinking all the words that I have written for my novel is essential so there is no possible way I can delete not one or two words - but 12,000.  So I had to quickly get over myself and begin the task, I have a deadline so I can't drag my feet and cry over the 12,000 words that I will have to remove from my novel.  Well I did it, and the gist of the story is still intact.  I removed unnecessary scenes and dialogue and the storyline remains the same - whew!  I just hope when I do send in my revision to the publisher I don't have another "hold my chest" experience.  But I still wouldn't trade this opportunity- this is a dream come true.

Novel - Not My Will, March 2014

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