Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Self acceptance is something that should be taught early


Self acceptance is something that should be taught early - I'm not talking about vanity, but accepting yourself for who you are and how God uniquely made you; and to accept/respect others that are different from you. There is no need to attach the hateful labels on yourself or other people. I've been out of high school for a long time, but I am still disturbed to know that kids are still being mean to each other intentionally and or by ignorance and it needs to stop. For instance why do the light skin and dark skin girls (as they refer to themselves) have to have their own separate cliques in school? Really!? I was so shocked to hear this recently. How is this still happening today - 2013? Shouldn't parents who may have dealt with this when they were in school teach their kids differently? Why repeat the hate and discrimination when we are all beautiful regardless of our shade? Even with our imperfections - or imperfections according to the media we are beautiful and should accept who and how we are. Change the things we can change if deem necessary but also accept the things we can't. Growing up I was teased for being skinny, having natural hair which at the time was not popular, having spotty legs - or more affectionately called raisin legs. Thank God for coco butter. I was also teased for wearing glasses, which was not cool when I was younger, but I managed to purposely lose them when I was about eight or ten and didn't get new pairs until I purchased them myself at nineteen. I was teased for losing my four front teeth when I was maybe three or four, and we know how long it takes for the permanent ones to come in. I was a walking tease target. It was tough growing up, but when I learnt to accept myself and my faults at a young age I soon learnt to let those negative words roll off my back and to not allow them to affect me as an adult. Because if you hold on to those negative words they could come back to hurt you.



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