Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Happiness vs. Joy

Have you ever went through your entire day feeling nothing but complete utter happiness?  I mean twenty-four seven?  If you have, great for you!  Or are you like me that can experience multiply different moods in one day? Happy, sad, frustrated, excited, apprehensive, scared, miserable, angry, annoyed - all of which are based on conditions: my kids, my hubby, work, news, friends, co-workers, relatives, traffic, an accident, bills due, running late, bad customer service, bad news, missing a loved one, even my computer when it freezes up and I have a million things to do, so all I feel like doing is flinging it out the window.  Yes, all of the feelings associated with the previous things I listed are all based on the conditions that you are facing.  But joy is not based on conditions, joy is internal. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary describes Joy as "a state of happiness".  To me that means it's consistent and constant despite whatever else is happening around you.  Your happiness can be stolen, but like the saying goes, "no one can steal my joy".  Why? Because you control your joy, you set your heart and mind to have joy despite it all.  This doesn't mean that you accept the conditions around you (especially if they're negative), but it means you won't allow it to affect you negatively.  So start living a life of joy today despite all the crazy that may be happening around you.


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