Friday, August 9, 2013

Sometimes our biggest naysayer is ourselves...

Sometimes our biggest naysayer is ourselves.  We talk ourselves out of our blessing, out of pursuing our dreams, out of truly growing in life, we blame others, but truly it's ourselves that is holding us back.  So it's about time we look at ourselves in the mirror and say "God knew me before I was even born, He planned my life out perfectly, so I am no longer going to stand in my own way of a blessing. So self, get ready for some great things ahead, God's got my back!" Now who can stop you now - nobody.  "Go get your blessing" in my Mary Mary voice.


  1. Go get em babes. I have all the faith and belief that you are going to be a success in whatever you put your hand to. In Jesus name go get your blessings....because I believe in you and you believe in God. That settles it for me.