Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Bad Customer Service - take it, leave it or deal with it?

It seems like it is gone with the days with the saying "the customer is always right" because nowadays it seems as a customer my rights or appreciation for my money being spent on items is not appreciated by the seller (or employee).  For instance, I have been going to a particular restaurant in my area for a few years, but it seems more often than not whenever I do decide to give them another chance they either forget to add or give me the wrong order.  Mind you, when I order the food, they repeat it, I agree to it and they also ask me to view my order on the screen, which I see is correct, but for some reason when it gets to placing my order in the bag something is missing or I was given something I didn't order.  And when I ask to fix it, I'm looked at like I'm the crazy one.

Also, calling a company and getting an automated machine when I really need to talk to a human being can be very frustrating, and when I do eventually get a human to assist me, but I'm greeted with attitude it takes all my will not to bless them with: "are you Billy Jane kidding me", "where's the french toast", "shut the front door".  Yes they actually make me want to use these cuss words and I don't cuss, I don't and it takes a whole lot to tick me off - really it takes a lot.  But unfortunately it really is evident that many companies need to train or re-train their employees on better customer service.  Yeah my purchase may be a dime in a bucket for a large corporation, but I should still be treated well as a customer.

Also, if your job is to be up front dealing with customers, at least brushing your hair and washing your face should be a no brainer.  Not doing so is a poor reflection on the company and unfortunately the individual.  Should even this basis common sense proper appearance etiquette be taught to the employee too?


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