Monday, May 6, 2013

Our 11 year anniversary

Look what my hubby sent me for our 11 year anniversary.  The words to this song means a lot, he caused me to shed a few tears.  We've been through a lot together, we've had great times, sad times, I-can't-stand-you times, I want a divorce times, I can't live without times.  I pray for God's blessing for the years ahead. 

Here is a little summary of our beginning and present...

Marriage -2002
We got married May 6th, 2002. We didn’t have a big wedding or anything, we got married at Mike’s friend’s house, just the two of us and his friend and his wife. We had planned to have a real wedding later with our family and friends together.

This year was also my transition to American life (interstate driving, food, COLD weather).

Campbell’s Hot Water Power Washing started this year. I was a "grease monkey" with Mike power washing kitchen hoods and filters. Working together like this really grew our love for each other and established a strong bond.

On May 31st Mike's 9 year old son (only child at the time) died. I replay this scene in my head sometimes and it crushes me every time.  This was the first time death really affected me. I was heartbroken over the loss and the enormous pain my new husband was going through. I felt like I was in an awkward place at this time - newly married, away from my family and friends and helping my husband to heal. Also, planning our wedding for family and friends just didn’t seem right anymore.

In August we found out I was expecting our first child together.

Year 1 - 2003
Judah was born spring of this year. Mike and I were over the moon with Joy. We didn't know what we were having until he was pulled out. I had to have a C-section. I think Mike was more nervous than I was about the delivery. We named our son Judah because Judah means praise and we wanted to praise God for blessing us with a son especially after losing one.
Year 3 2005
Judea was born winter of 2005. We found out that she was a girl before delivery. Mike was still hoping for a boy though. Labor was "take me now Lord" hard! I didn't have any labor pains with Judah - none! So Judea's labor really put a hurting on me. I was crying "Lord take me now" and Mike was "don't take her now Lord!" I'm glad God answered his prayer.

Year 4 -2006
February 19thI got the call, which I still replay in my mind sometimes, that my daddy died. That news felt like it knocked the wind out of me. I was so grieved and I felt enormously helpless being so far away. This was the second time death really affected me. I remember being afraid to see my daddy’s body during the viewing and Mike helped me to walk in to view him.

Year 5-6 -2007 - 2008
Somewhere around late 2007 – 2008 Mike told me about his desire to open a restaurant. I was not happy about the idea, to be very honest, but I wanted to support him so I went along with it. So planning and execution of Chick’n Coop Restaurant started.

Year 7-8 - 2009 - 2010
Chick’n Coop closed officially around 2009 and into early 2010 (it was a process). This was really hard on Mike and it really affected us financially. (How we overcame this is a testimony to God. I thank Him every time I think about this period in our marriage.) I even remember people saying that it was nice seeing us still together (married) because situations like that can really tear a marriage apart. We were thankful however that I convinced Mike to keep our major power washing contract so we at least still had our power washing business. See there – a blessing in the chaos.

My mother-in-law passed away late October of 2010 – this was the third time death really affected me. My mother in law, along with my other in laws, made my new life here in Maryland much easier with them openly welcoming me into their family. I can’t really explain to you how great that felt having her accept me, she was that motherly figure in my life when my mommy was so far away. Losing her was tough. But I had to be strong for Mike, he was hurting more.

Year 9 –2011
We purchased and moved into our first home. This was a prayer come true. I prayed for our own home for years and it was such a blessing to finally be living in it. (What a testimony to God this was. I’ll have to share soon.)

Jada was born in the Spring. Mike would have had to deliver her had I not suppressed my urge to push while he was gathering our things and the kids to leave for the hospital. Needless to say, labor was not long.

Year 10 – 11 2012-2013
We are enjoying our home. We had a lot of repairs and home improvements to get it just right. Mike has done an awesome job with the transformation of our home; he’s like a kid in a candy shop.

I look forward to the years to come and the rest of our story…


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  1. Loved this! Happy belated anniversary. You two are an amazing testimony to living life and loving through thick and thin!! To God be the Glory! We love knowing your family. You are alla blessing to us!!

    Michelle H.