Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I Need your help - Novel Review

Email me if you are interested in helping me with my novel review by reading a couple chapters.  Thanks!


  1. Khara this story is amazing and I couldn't stop once I started reading. I think personally so many females can probably relate to this especially those of us that grew up in church but never had a true relationship with Christ or knew what it meant until we hit rock bottom. The devil tries to get u from ur weakest corner and its funny how there's always that one friend around to rationalize what's bad and make u feel that it's ok. Very well written can't wait to read in its entirety and seen where life takes Virtue and the decisions she makes as the story progresses

  2. I printed this out and will get back to you soon!

    C. H.

  3. Great job!!!! Very moving. (And a bit racy ha!!)

    M. H.

  4. I loved it. I agree with Vangy's comment...these are the signs of the times and it's so revelant and mirror so may lives. My jaw dropped at the mention of Kevin's cameras...LOL. I'm intrigued and would continue reading to see how the story unfolds. Great job!!!