Thursday, April 11, 2013

Time Investment

For eight days now my husband and I have been taking care of the son of a family friend, and needless to say this experience has taught me once again that TIME is the most valuable gift that can ever be given. Your time is something that can never be given back, once its gone - its gone, you are never getting it back. But I feel so blessed to be a blessing in our friend's time of need. The past few days have been a little bit challenged, mostly in having to adjust our schedules to cover the additional school drop off and pickup, homework etc. I would be lying if I don't mention that I wished at first that our assistance would only cost us a few bucks and not our time, it would have been so much easier. Our temporary new addition fitted right in with our three kids and we have been able to love, care and nurture him like our own. The thought of how easy giving money than time is reiterates the importance of time and how much we need it from each other. Parents need to be not just providers financially but also need to give their time to their children. Same is true for other relationships, we have to invest in that quality time spent together. Money can never replace time so invest wisely.

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