Sunday, April 7, 2013

Kiss "Stick-On" strips review

I love the new gel manicures but they are super duper expensive (to me at least).  I get them done for about $35-40 and they last me an average of three weeks, so that's not bad.  But I wanted to find a cheaper alternative and I found these at Dollar General for $3 - Kiss "Stick-On" strips.  I was very skeptical so I only bought one which are the black and white you see below.  They are pretty easy to put on and you don't have to apply anything on top - which I love.  "Simple is as simple does" in my book.  I instantly fell in love with them after I applied them on.  I have gotten so many compliments for my simple manicure that I went back to Dollar General and got two more stips.  These are my new favorite thing that I had to share.
I've had these on now for 9 days now and I am still receiving a lot of compliments.  The pack says it lasts for 10 days but it looks like I may be able to go even longer than that - LOVE IT!  I must also add that I have washed my hair, my daughters hair, washed dishes etc etc and these strips have stayed put like you see above.

I can't wait to try these ones next.


  1. I love this! I can never figure out what to with my fingernails, so I usually do nothing. Did you need to cut them down or shape them to fit your own nail?

    1. Hey Nikki, thanks for checking out my blog. Please also subscribe or follow.

      You fit the strips on your nail, smooth over so it fits perfectly then you file off the excess strip. There are steps on the package. I am going on 12 days now with the strips in the picture above. I will probably take them off tomorrow and try another style.