Monday, April 22, 2013

Just makes me wanna cuss!

Okay, so I’m saved and I have a growing relationship with Jesus Christ – but a few days ago it seemed like everything was just ticking me off and I kept having the urge to cuss.  Crazy thing is – I’m not a cussing person, never have been.  Now, even before I got saved I can count on my hands how many times I’ve said the F word – yes I can.  And I can tell you the situations involved as well.  The times I did say it was like a joke, because when said people were looking at me funny, (probably wanting to laugh) because I said it with no authority, no finesse.  It honestly didn’t sound right coming out of my mouth, but during my childhood years someone or something had pissed me off enough that I uttered the F word three times. In my defense one of the times I was defending my cousin from a boy that hit her so I kicked him in the nuts. Any-hooo, that day, to not succumb to the cuss fest in my head I instead went with: “Macarena-Macarena, shut-the-front-door, jiminy crickets, holy smoke, cookie-monster.” I felt better afterwards and I didn’t have to repent for saying something worse. I have power over what I say and think - I can’t let negative thoughts control me.

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