Monday, March 11, 2013

Don’t dread Mondays!


I’ve noticed that on Sundays and Mondays on my Facebook timeline I will see photos with messages (I know there is a name for this trend but I can’t remember it) about Monday coming too soon, or how far Monday is from Friday, etc., etc.  The point being, some of my Facebook friends dislike Mondays.  I’ve seen these so much that it made me realize that perhaps many of my Facebook friends may really hate their jobs, business or whatever it is that they so grudgingly have to go to on Mondays.  That makes me sad, really sad because there is so much more to life then just looking forward to the weekends.  Life is more than just trying to make it “one day at a time”.  Now I’m no expert, but a typical work week is five days, there are seven days in the week, which means to me that these people are only really enjoying two, yes only two days out of a seven day week.  Now that’s not good.  If I hate my job so much that I dread going to work I would have to leave, to me the money won’t be worth it.  Now that’s just me.  I would either leave if I had resources to do so while looking for something else in the meantime, or I would start looking for a new job, or create a new business before quitting.  But staying in a position that creates heartache and pain is not worth your peace of mind and health.  Each day should be a day to look forward to, not dread. Now being tired and not wanting to get up at a certain time in the morning is one thing, I don’t like getting up too early either, but downright just hating a day or days because you feel like a slave to your job is not good, for you, your co-workers and your boss.  It may mean you’re not fulfilling your God given purpose for being here on earth (yes, God created you for a purpose, your life is not happenstance) or you haven’t made the plans yet to get there. Or it can simply just mean you need to change your negative attitude about your life and everything in it. I’ve never met a person that hasn’t had or have challenges in their life, however what differentiates us as people is how we deal with our challenges. Don’t dread Mondays, celebrate them and see each day as a day closer to reaching your goal, fulfilling that dream, painting that perfect portrait or whatever it is you call truly living a life of significance!

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