Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Which book would you choose to read?

Okay, so I am learning how to write a "selling" log line and I need your help.  A log line is basically one or two sentences that will get people interested in reading your book, script or screenplay.  This may seem very simple, but given the fact that most novels are at least 50,000 words, it's quite difficult to chop all that down to just a couple sentences.

Below are five log lines that I found online and I want to know of them all which would you choose to read based on the log line.  Picture yourself at the book store looking for that perfect book to curl up with and read. 

Log line ONE:
A young woman struggling with her newfound Christian faith is finding it difficult to both be a good Christian and deal with her hungry sexual desires.

Log line TWO:
An older man is forced to deal with an ambiguous future after he enters retirement and his wife passes away. Ultimately, he finds hope as he comes to terms with his daughter's marriage and his own life.

Log line THREE:
After suspecting his wife is cheating, a bitter lawyer treats it like any other case and must begin an investigation to gather witnesses, obtain evidence and arrange for an extravagant dinner party at which to present his case to her family and friends.

Log line FOUR:
Life-long friends with life-altering struggles. Will they trust God's faithfulness...and find strength to be faithful to Him?

Log line FIVE:
A minister's wife confronts her long-buried past when her illegitimate daughter shows up after twenty years.


  1. the third one caught my attention the most....

  2. Log line three is the most intriguing. Mind you the actual story may not be, but the fact that the log line makes people want to read is key.

    Thanks for commenting :)