Sunday, February 17, 2013

I miss my dad

For the past few days I've been having dreams of my dad.  Tuesday, February 19th will make 7 years since he died.  I can't even explain how much I miss him.  There's so much I want to show and tell him.  But I am thankful for the memories I have of him, I cherish them!

Here is a poem I wrote right after my daddy died February 19th, 2006.  The call I received telling me of his death is one I replay in my mind sometimes, and a call I hope I never receive again.

My Daddy Is Gone


Its true Khara, he’s gone.

James is dead!


My daddy is dead?

No he’s not dead!

Dead? Gone?

My daddy isn’t here anymore?


Tell me it isn’t true!

It’s true

Oh God how could you?


Forgive me God, I didn’t mean it.

But my daddy is gone,

Gone too soon, just too soon.


I want him back!

Please bring him back.

I need my daddy and

My kids need their grandfather too.


God you were supposed to heal him,

And spare him from this fate.

I just don’t understand why things had to be this way.


But you are my Daddy now God,

You have taken his place.

I rest assured that there will be

A day when again I see his face.

I also lost my mother-in-law 3 years ago.  This is a poem I wrote soon after she passed while I was pregnant with my youngest daughter.

Hello there

Hello there, you’re gone. 

You left us on Friday night. 

Your leaving was such a big surprise. 

I had some idea that you would be leaving,

You were in a great deal of pain,

The medicines through your veins

Weren’t working any longer

And the machines had failed.


But hey you, you are not alone there are you? 

Have you seen my dad yet? 

Remember he got there four years ago. 

As you make your way through the golden city

With mansions for all there

I’m sure you will see him soon, tell him hello for me.

Give him a hug and kiss for me and tell him I won’t be there anytime soon.


What about Michael Jr., have you seen him? 

He’s been there eight years now; he must still look like his nine year old self. 

Oh boy, he must be glad to see his grandma. 

Dressed all in white, his smile must be so radiant

Like a bright morning day.

I hope you brought him some toys, you know he loves trucks. 

But knowing you, I’m sure you have gifts for everyone.


I’m curious; do you see your new granddaughter there?

She’s in my stomach now as you know,

So spend some time with her there

Before she has to come here to earth.

Maybe give her your smile

So every time she smiles at us

We’ll see you smile too.


  1. My poet. Wonderful and we just finish talking and sharing a laugh about our brother James and her you are remembering him. I wonder if we even remembered that this was the anniversary of his death. Gone too soon. RIP James.

  2. Khara your poems are lovely....

    Lysa M

  3. I have enjoyed and read all of your blogs...Job well done...Keep up the good work!!!

    Lysa M

  4. Thank you both. This is my avenue to do what I love - write, and it makes it even more special sharing it with you all.