Wednesday, February 13, 2013

How am I adding blogging to my already CrEaTiVe schedule?

Yeah, I prefer the word creative rather than hectic schedule because with three kids a husband and doing administrative work for two small businesses I have to be creative in managing my time. Plus I HAVE to cram in something I enjoy doing in the loop or else I will be loopy. That was corny wasn’t it? But I couldn’t resist putting loopy in there (laughing to myself). But yes, with all I have to do on my daily schedule finding some me time is essential. Plus writing is very calming for me. It helps me clear my mind and vent on paper if I have too. Thus blogging is a well needed item to my “to do list”. What do you do for “me time” which is essential to your day? If you don't have any "me time" I suggest you start adding it to your schedule any chance you get.  Even 15 minutes to yourself can do wonders in recharging your mind and body if you are constantly on the go.

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